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 The Death Penalty (in the US)

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The Death Penalty (in the US) Empty
PostSubject: The Death Penalty (in the US)   The Death Penalty (in the US) EmptyWed Nov 20, 2013 12:35 am

One of the biggest debates in modern society. The morality and necessity of the death penalty. Before we get into this, I should mention that I am extremely supportive of the death penalty.

A lot of people like to claim that the death penalty is wrong for these six reasons.

1. Killing people isn't for us, that's the job of a god / gods.

2. Killing people is not a deterrent for others.

3. If it turns out the person was innocent, than the law just killed an innocent person and there's no way to rectify that.

4. They're mentally insane and just need treatment.

5. It costs more to kill a person than to imprison them for life.

6. We are the United States of America! We cannot take away the rights of others!

Now let's dive into each one of these specifically.

For the first reason, I have five words for you. "Separation of Church and State." The United States is not a theocracy (it was basically a theocracy a couple decades ago, but we've advanced beyond that.) The law is secular, and should always remain secular or else we would further the amount of bias in it. Also, multiple animals in the animal kingdom kill each other on a daily basis. Female Grasshoppers for example kill male grasshoppers by eating them after they mate. If you really think about it, we're just sentient hairless monkeys on a floating rock in the middle of space. Those grasshoppers don't care about whether or not a deity approves of them eating each other, and if a god exists, we would be at the same level as a grasshopper. It just wouldn't care. Along with this, we put dogs down but somehow determined that a sociopath human being is worth more in value? Allow me to make a comparison.

A dog attacks a baby and kills the baby: - - > Instantly put down.

A human attacks a baby and kills the baby: - - > Life in prison (sometimes less). Even if they are put on death row, they continue to waste money using appeals, and end up staying on death row for years and even dying of old age on it sometimes. In some cases, people will be found "not guilty by reason of insanity" and be in an institution for a while, then they would be released into the world again!

I see a pretty big problem with the way the system is right now.

For the second reason, why is this even an issue? It doesn't matter if it's a deterrent or not. It'll most definitely deter that murderer from killing again. Why is the law so obsessed with hypothetical situations. Instead of all this meandering and money wasting, we should be focusing on how to catch the scumbags who heinously murder someone instead of focusing on "deterring" murders. If someone has the motivation to kill someone, they aren't going to give a shit what the law says. In their mind, they've already weighed the risks and are willing to take them.

For the third reason, I can actually see the validity in this. So I think the Death Penalty should only be available in the case of extremely strong cases. Such as a public shooting with loads of witnesses, having the crime be recorded on video, or very clear cut photographs of the crimes happening. Either way, there needs to be absolute certainty that the person actually committed the crime. I'll get to more of this later in the discussion.

For the fourth reason... why? We put down mentally diseased animals. Are you telling me that it's less moral to kill a person who just shot someone cold blank in the face for entertainment and took a chomp out of him than it is to kill a dog who decided a human was its breakfast? (In some cases these "treatable" people actually eat the other people as well.) I've got news for you. If a person kills and eats another person, they're not going to be treatable. They are either a sociopath (which there is no known cure) or have some sort of mental disorder which cannot be cured. Stop wasting our tax dollars keeping these people alive. I don't want my tax dollars going to pay for some guy who shot a person and took a bite out of him.

For the fifth reason, there's only one reason this is a problem. It's because our country has tried so hard to "moralize" the death penalty that it's become a financially inadequate form of punishment. The injections and appeals are all so expensive. I'll discuss how this can be fixed after I finish explaining about the reasons.

For the sixth and final reason, I call bullshit. The murderer took away the rights of the other person. Why? Because that person is dead. They don't have rights because they are dead. That person took away the other persons rights with the click of a trigger (or the slash of a knife). By taking away the right to live from someone else, they've essentially said "I don't care about the value of life." Life is beautiful, and heinous criminals like these don't care about it. So why should we care about their life? If they are proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in the court of law, they should be up for the Death Penalty.

Now that you've heard the reasons. Let me explain what I think should be done.

I feel as though the Death Penalty should be available as an option in all states of US. It needs to be very strictly regulated though. It should only be available as an option when:

- There is very clear cut evidence that a person has committed this crime (such as photographic, video evidence, or a store full of witnesses for example)
- The person is so mentally gone that there is no hope for their supposed "treatment."

Along with this, the appeals process needs to be reworked. Each death row inmate needs to have a maximum of ONE appeal. In which their case will be looked at again, all evidence will be re-checked for consistency and accuracy. Then if their appeal fails, they will go through with the death penalty process.

As for the actual death penalty itself, why are we spending so much on lethal injections? Taking a bullet to the head is painless, and it ends quickly at much less of a cost than lethal injection or the electric chair. Allow the person to have their final meal of their choice, allow them to see their family one last time if they wish to, then take them to the back and end their life, like they so carelessly did to another person / group of people.

What do you guys think?

The Death Penalty (in the US) Blacke10
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The Death Penalty (in the US)
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